JIVA (Japan Industrial Vehicles Association)

About JIVA

JIVA, Japan Industrial Vehicles Association is a nonprofit industry association comprised of the manufacturers of powered industrial truck and their suppliers in Japan. JIVA is established in 1948 and was authorized as a public-interest corporation by the Japanese Government in 1970.
JIVA works to support the sound development of Japan’s industrial trucks industry and to contribute to social and economic welfare. In addition, JIVA takes a role of facilitator for manufacturers of special motor vehicles (industrial trucks, construction machinery equipment and farming machinery) in certification on the Road Vehicles Act on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. JIVA also has significant contact with overseas industrial trucks associations in America, Europe and Asia and has been doing as an active member of ISO/TC110.

Overview of JIVA

1. Scope

Powered industrial trucks
- Fork-lift trucks - Platform trucks
-Automatic guided vehicles
-Component for powered industrial trucks.

2. Number of Members, as of May 2011

47 companied and 6 associations

3. Place of the headquarters

Tobu-building 3F, 1-5-26, Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0051, Japan

4. Further information

  1. The Volume of production of powered industrial trucks in Japan.
    Approximately 200 billion yen in 2010 (from the statistics of the Ministry of economy, trade and industry)
  2. Sister associations in overseas
    Industrial Trucks Associaiton (North America)
    Federation of European Material handlings Industry (Europe)
    Chinese Industrial Trucks Association (China)
    Korean Construction Equipment Machinery Association (Republic of Korea)